The Smith Family

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Well, here are some of our pictures from our Memorial Weekend!

We started off by going over to my sister Randi's so I could do her hair and so the kids could play together. This is Jerzie and Aidan playing with Jerzie's favorite..legos..
I don't quite know what they are doing here but I believe Aidan is probably up to no good and showing Jerzie how too!
CAUGHT!!! I think they are laughing at Randi's friend Nate, he is a big kid too!
The innocent Aidan :)
And the even more innocent Austyn, lol.

Jerzie ready for a walk through the cemetary at Jim and Jill's.
This day we went to a cookout and our friends Jim and Jill's. Jill is expecting in November and we are pretty excited about them having their first!!

Jim, Jill and Jerzie~~

Camping out in front of the camp fire...
This is what poor Jerzie looked like once there really was a fire in the pit! She didn't like it at all. She kept her face buried into me the entire time until we left :(
Jill making us some smores...yummy!

This is how we hung at the fire the entire night because Jerzie didn't like it at all!!

Jerzie and Daddy building with her legos!
Jerzie trying out "Dora" spaghetti o's
Yes, she likes them...

On the last day of vacation, I decided to do some weeding. Daddy and Jerzie were tuckered out so they napped most of the day. They came out and helped me a bit but they weren't to into it:)
This is the garden we started late last year so we wouldn't have to mow up against the fence and it turned out really nice and everything seems to be doing well!
Some closeups!! Can't tell you the name of the plants cuz I always forget, lol.
Another one...
Well, we had a wonderful weekend and I hope you enjoy the pictures from it!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Night Night

Hello Again Everyone!! Hope you all had a Great Memorial Day as we did. We did alot of summer stuff, hanging out with friends, golfing, bar-b-queing, softball, etc.

This is Jerzie all cleaned up and ready for bed. If you can't tell by the sunglasses, she is ready to go out and play, not go to bed :)

She grabbed this bowling ball and figured out how to do it all by herself so I had to take a few snaps of her...
Looks like she is going to be a good bowler, lol!
Take care everyone, see you all soon!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Here are the yummy ice cream pictures from the other night after the playground!!!

I don't remember the tiny cones looking soooo big, but I guess they do when a tiny girl is eating one :)
She was too cute with it. She was trying so hard to only lick it, she didn't want to bite it!
She made a little mess but not too aweful bad as I have seen some kids...but she is an ice cream pro, her and daddy have a bowl just about every night!

Well, that's all I have for now. I don't usually get on the computer at home so I probably won't post anything till Tuesday unless I get bored!
Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Trip to the playground :)

While daddy played softball last week, Jerzie and I played on the playground to stay occupied. She really enjoyed watching daddy but she wanted to play on the playground more than sit still and watch her daddy play!

She is watching through the window on the playground at the older kids playing...

This is what she calls "WEEEEE" and its so funny to hear. She refuses to call it a swing!

Contemplating on whether or not to go down the slide or not. She chose not too, lol. She doesn't like it. YET. She will, ha ha ha.

Her favorite, the stairs with the itty bitty railing just her size:)

Mama. Mama. Mama!!!...Where are you????

The tunnel that she wanted mommy to go through but mommy didn't want to get stuck, hee hee hee...

Wanna play??? He ignored her but she asked him a few times until he answered. He was a bit younger than her but she didn't understand so she kept asking him :)

Home at last, after a crying bit because she didn't want to leave. But a little bit of ice cream coaxing and she was soo outta there. I will show the first ice cream cone Dairy Queen trip tomorrow, lol. (We have been to Dairy Queen with her before but they never had the tiny cones so she always got a dish...but not this time...she got her first cone....)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another note...

Sorry Jean, I stole the picture cuz I don't have any :)

Happy Anninversary to Chris and Laurie!! Thanks so much for all that you do for me, Kim and Jerzie!! We couldn't thank you enough and hope you have a wonderful day!!

Also, Good luck on your surgery Jean. I hear your all done and your sleeping off the good drugs they gave you :) Hope your back up and running soon because I know someone will be begging to be read to shortly!!!

More Family

Here are some more members of my LARGE family!!!

This picture is my dad, Jeff, and his wife, Tracy. It was there anniversary earlier this month, so Happy Belated Anniversary, May 7th, 2008.

This is my brother Josh and his wife Cassie. They don't live around here so we don't see them much but they are expecting soon so hopefully they will be around a bit so we can see the new member of their family! If not they better take many pictures!!!

These are the first pictures of their little boy!! We can't wait to meet him soon!

This is my sister Tarah and her daughter, Taydem. Taydem was the first grandaughter on this side of the family so we all spoiled the crap out of her, lol. It was so nice to get a girl after the two rambunctious boys my sis Randi has, lol.

Here is another picture of the gorgeous Taydem Jean!

Hope you enjoy as I will have lots more to post because, as I said before, I have a HUGE family and many more sisters and brothers and nieces and nephews yet to come :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Some of my Family...

I still haven't uploaded any new pictures so here are a few oldies but goodies of some of the many members of my family...

This is a picture taken at my younger sister Sharon's baby shower. Yes it really was Oct and we were wearing summer clothes!!! From left to right, my sis Randi, me, my sis Sharon, my mom Mary, and my maternal grandmother Elizabeth. This is the only picture of all five of us unless there are some from when we were very young. Us three girls and my mom all have this picture framed in our homes thanks to my lil sis Sharon.

Us three girls....

Randi's youngest, Austyn

Randi's oldest Aidan, the first grandchild of the family!

Sharon's oldest Orion

Sharon's youngest, Xavier

And, of course, my cutie, Jerzie

Monday, May 19, 2008

Darlington Trip

Every year on Mothers Day weekend, my husband and I go down to Darlington, SC for the Nascar races. We leave on the Wednesday before and come home the Monday after the race. We had great weather and a great time again this year. We just got back a week ago today but it feels like it was a long time ago already!!
This is Kim and his friend Eric. Eric flew down and rented a car. He didn't camp out with us and didn't watch the race with us but he came over and visited for a while.

This is my husband looking good in a cowboy hat that one of the guys we camp near lent to him. I think he should buy one because he looks pretty good in it!

Had to get a picture in front of the Dukes car!!

Casey Mears passing through on his way to Qualifing.

We camp out right under this sign in front of the start of the pits.

Race Day!!! The weather was in the 80's all weekend!! It was so nice. We are sitting on a scaffolding that my husband and his buddies built for the race. It was really cool and we all painted it to match all our favorite drivers.

My husbands favorite driver, Tony Stewart!

My favorite driver, Jamie McMurray.

Earnhardt Jr. live taping of the Speed channel from Darlington. We weren't really that close but I got a great camera for Christmas that lets me zoom in like I was standing right next to him!