The Smith Family

Friday, September 25, 2009


Jerzie is very crafty and loves to work with small things so I decided to buy her something new to try.

At first she was very detered by the amount of time (impatient like mom) it took and by the fact that her poor fingers would make a bead fall off when she tried to add a new one.
She told me it was too hard and I told her that it was hard but that she would be feel very good about herself if she just finished the project.

It took about two hours and we finally finished!

Jerzie was so proud of herself she now tells everyone that it was very hard but very worth it when she was finished! I am proud of my angel for sticking it out and completing it even tho it was very tough for her! And she did it all by herself!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Payton Ann Max

My little peanut is now 7 months old! Wow has the time flew and she is excelling so far so fast!
She is crawling and sitting up and eating some solids!

She is also pulling herself up on furniture and daring to take steps…unfortunately she is landing on her poor face b/c she doesn’t know how to stand yet!

It will not be long and we will be celebrating my little girls’ first birthday!